A Cannabis Entrepreneur's Dilemma

The cannabis business isn't an easy one. On top of massive capital outlay used for building initial infrastructure, a cannabis business operator must also navigate a maze of difficult and confusing bureaucratic red tape. They must be able to produce high-quality product, and make it available to their clients affordable prices. Additionally, they must also build popular and well-known consumer facing brands to get their products out there. Furthermore they must also balance they're accounting correctly and make sure they have a strong program to collect their receivables from their clients. 


With so many different things to juggle and balance, a canna-business operator must wear many different hats and have many different areas of expertise. 


An operator can solve one of these headaches with relative ease. Cannabiz Collects offers an accounts receivable management service to help operators like you, quickly and efficiently collect their receivables. Better still, when one of those receivables becomes overdue and delinquent, CBC handles the claim internally and gets the matter resolved and your business its money quickly. 


CBC is the perfect marriage of two industries. Founded by two former cannabis executives and an extremely successful collection attorney, no other firm is better suited to handle your cannabis related accounts receivable issues. 

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