Is Cannabis Legal In Washington DC?

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By Jacqueline Paumier from Civilized

Washington DC has joined the ranks of the many U.S states currently permitting the recreational use of cannabis. While many have celebrated these groundbreaking changes, it does not mean that the new laws do not come without their own set of restrictions. If you are hoping to enjoy recreational cannabis in the state of Washington DC, we suggest reading on for a closer look at their current rules and restrictions.

In order to enjoy cannabis recreationally, you must be an adult aged 21 years or older. Those of age may only possess up to two ounces of marijuana at a time. However, residents of Washington DC that are of age are permitted to cultivate up to six plants (with three mature at a time) within their residences. Residents are also allowed to give up to one ounce of marijuana to other residents that are of age. Holding more than two ounces of cannabis is strictly prohibited unless you have received a special prescription from a certified physician stating that your medical condition requires a higher dosage for treatment purposes.

Part of Washington DC’s more accepting laws included reducing the sentencing time for offenders of distribution, manufacturing or possession. Now offenders cannot be sentenced for more than 5 years in prison and cannot be fined more than $50,000.

Those looking to legally sell cannabis (as a distributor) must first be certified by the state. Dispensaries can be found throughout the District of Columbia, however in order to purchase from a dispensary, residents must have a certified medicinal marijuana card.

While the current laws have been in place since 2014, it’s important to remember that all cannabis laws throughout the country are consistently in transition. This means those looking to purchase, cultivate, or use cannabis for either recreational or medicinal reasons should always check with current laws prior to obtaining any. For many Washington D.C residents, there are still hopes for cannabis cafes, restaurants and recreational dispensaries in the future. However, for now, tourists and locals alike will have to wait and see.