CannaBIZ Collects Credit Contract Review

Hello All!

CannaBIZ Collects now offers Credit Contract Review and Credit Policy Consulting.

If you and your cannabis business are thinking about extending credit but haven't yet set up standards and procedures nor had contracts reviewed by a professional attorney, then you need to call us! 

Why reinvent the wheel through trial and error, causing you to have clients that become debtors. CannaBIZ Collects will set up your entire Accounts Receivable process allowing your business to extend credit with confidence, while at the same time mitigate the risk from doing so. 

Extending credit allows your sales to grow. Sure on the surface it may seem risky. Clients tell us all the time they hate extending it. However, thats only because they haven't set up SOPs to allow them to do so safely. CannaBIZ Collects has their solution and will put together a customized plan of attack. 

Many of our customers feel so secure in what we have done for them on the collections side, that they had CannaBIZ Collects come in and establish their credit program.

One client in particular, now makes ~90% of their sales on net terms. As a result their sales increased by 45% and their client's rate of default dropped by over 60% over the last quarter!

We are here to help!

CannaBIZ Collects Contract Review and Credit Policy Consulting.

Cody Ziering