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Do you work in the cannabis industry? Chances are high, that as you continue to work in the canna-biz you will come across an associate, friend, or colleague who has accounts receivable challenges and is owed money. Those in the collection world call that a claim. CannaBIZ Collects will compensate you with a referral fee for sending business our way!

When you hear about a claim, tell an associate, friend, or colleague about CannaBIZ Collects and our incredible success rate. If they submit a claim (up to 3 claims), you get paid 7% of our fee for the referral! It could just be the easiest commission you or your business have ever made. Fill out the form below and a CannaBIZ Collects Representative will be in touch.

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Tell us about yourself! What part of the cannabis industry are you in? What company are you with? How many people do you know that have A/R? Anything else you'd like to tell us?
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